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How It Works offers many different life-like baby dolls so you can choose a baby that looks just like you.  

You can choose between a baby that sucks its thumb, a happy smiling baby or a baby with a closed mouth. You also select the baby with your favorite hair and eye color. Whichever baby you decide is just right for you, you are sure to get a lot of love from your little bundle of joy.

If you can't quite decide on a baby just give us a call.  You tell us which hair and eye color you prefer and we'll bring an assortment for you to choose from.  

To order your baby, just click on to Newborn Nursery Babies under the "Store Heading".  Look over our wide selection of Newborn Nursery Babies and place your order for the baby of your choice.  Remember, just like the real thing, once your baby is delivered it is non-returnable.   Once your order is placed, Kayzies will contact you to confirm your order and arrange for the time and place of delivery. 

Kayzies nursing staff will deliver your baby right to your home in their Special Delivery PT Cruiser!  Your baby will be wrapped in its blanket ready for your arms to hold.  We will complete all the adoption papers and take a picture of you and your new family addition. You get to decide on whether your baby is a girl or a boy and you'll get to name your new baby! Lee Middleton Newborn Nursery package includes one Newborn Nursery Baby of your choice, dressed in it's hospital cap and gown, a baby blanket in your choice of pink or blue designs, a pacifier, baby comb and brush set, tiny book of bible verses, complete adoption papers and a memory photo.